About Us

History and Development​

The association was conceptualized in 2020 when COVID-19 strongly hit the country and there was a need to strengthen healthcare provision and response, especially for the less fortunate members of the society. HASK is a non-profit organization that works in various healthcare fields including; physical health, mental health, and wellness for the communities served within their catchment populations. HASK through the healthcare system has achieved significant milestones in the communities that they serve especially in the prevention of communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases awareness, and strengthening the healthcare system through data management. Currently, this structure aims at strengthening the Health Management Information System (HMIS) for all health centers the Catholic sisters own or run to improve the delivery of quality, affordable health services and promote health and wellness for the poor and marginalized in the community. The facilities played a significant role in creating COVID-19 awareness, reaching out to at least 23,189 people through the 34 sisters-run health facilities who were initial members of the association with the support of the Hilton Foundation.

With very poor uptake due to the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, this saw the birth of the second phase of the project in 2021, Sisters vaccine ambassadors focused on COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign, aiming at increasing the uptake of COVID-19 vaccine among the catchment populations of the sisters’ health facilities. The second phase was implemented by 80 sisters’ health facilities. As a result of the intensified COVID-19 awareness campaign, numbers of individuals who have gone for COVID-19 vaccination have increased, with 75% of the catchment population of catholic sisters’ health facilities having been vaccinated, HASK has vaccinated over 150000 people (1.3%) of the Countries total vaccination. Moreover, 54 health facilities became testing and vaccination centers for COVID-19 after meeting the compliance requirements by the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MoH) an increase from the initial 32 health facilities.


That catholic sisters’ healthcare Association has increased quality healthcare outcomes for all.

That sisters have the capacity to offer psychosocial support to the patients during this COVID-19 period and beyond.

That sisters have increased capacity in the management of both communicable and non-communicable diseases through integrated healthcare services.

Strengthening the procurement of pharmaceutical products to enhance support in purchasing power for under-resourced health facilities.

Sister Regina Nthenya SSJ

Hask Program Manager

Sister Jerusha Ncabani CLFS

Hask Program Officer


Our AOSK Health Network (HASK) is led by the team below to ensure that we achieve our goals and objectives of preventing, and curing communicable and non-communicable diseases among our communities. The team also spearheads all health programs associated with HASK.

Sister Mary Okumu, RSM

HASK Chairperson

Sr. Mary Magdalene Nyile,RNDM

HASK Vice Chairperson

Sr. Pasilisa Namikoye , LSOSF

AOSK Executive Secretary

Dr Richard Kamau


Dr Gerald macharia


Sr Dr. Carren Owuor,ASN


Sister Regina Nthenya SSJ

HASK Coordiantor

What are the sisters doing?

The main goal of the association is to ensure well-coordinated health services across the health facilities, networking with the like minded stakeholders to improve health outcomes and strengthen the health systems. Health, being one of the most expensive services in the country, the sisters come in handy to help those who otherwise would not access quality healthcare services. The sisters are working to;

  1. Improve access to medical information and data.
  2. Real-time quality health data which helps in health decision-making for governments and health institutions.
  3. Saves lives, money, and time through improved communication where healthcare providers and patients can be connected with a seamless healthcare information flow
  4. To reduce hospital expenses through electronic health records and patient appointments.
  5. Mostly, to reduce mortality through telemedicine, especially for those in remote areas.

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Health Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya Tumaini Centre, Ardams Arcade, Elgeyo Marakwet Road P.O.Box 21068-00505 Nairobi Kenya


hask@aoskenya.org/ aosksec@aoskenya.org

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Mon-Sat: 8am - 5pm